door sensor battery running out

I’ve replaced the battery once already in my relatively new (installed in August) 2GIG Recessed Door Sensor (2GIG-DW20R-345). After a month it is now warning low battery again. I have the same sensor on another door and battery there is fine (as I would expect, as I think that it is supposed to be several years lifetime per battery?)
Is this a faulty sensor or is there some setting that is out of whack?

I have three dw20r’s installed in June 2011, still using the same batteries.

If yours is going through batteries that fast (within a month’s time) it may be defective…either that or you have the worst luck on batteries.

FYI check the battery dates when you buy replacements. A lot of times these batteries sit on the shelves for 5+ years. Regardless of the battery type you buy, make sure manufacturer or package date code is no more than a year old.

As for sensors…a lot of these sensors that include batteries sit In a warehouse for 3-5 years. The batteries age whether used or not. So it is not uncommon to buy a “new” sensor, and the batteries are dead within 6-12 months.

An example, would be an extended 2GIG panel battery pack (Batt1X) that I got a year ago…and now is no good. On the average, panel battery pack should last a good three years.

Another example: I needed to get 1yr replacement batteries for Image sensor, a couple months ago…was at Walmart, the 2 battery pack of Energizer Lithium AA for $5 had a package date from 2010… They had been just sitting there for almost 5 years.

Remember…always check battery/packaging date/codes, and go lithium if possible for longer life.

I would replace the dw20 batteries once more, making sure package date code is 2014, and if they are dead within 30 days or so, replace the sensor under 1yr manufacturer warranty, as the sensor is probably bad.

If you still have the packaging for the batteries you just put in, and they are 2013/2014 dated, then gp ahead and warranty the dw20.

There are no settings that could affect battery life. Unless that doors happens to open and close all the time (like 10 times more often than a typical door), the batteries were bad or it’s somehow installed improperly so it’s transmitting constantly then it’s probably defective. Are there any signs that it’s transmitting constantly? Was it constantly showing tamper or showing open/close in the event history when it isn’t really opening and closing?

Hi, other than the battery running out it seems to be transmitting properly - shows door opening and closing when it should.

Just for reference, are both sides of this door exposed to the elements in some way (maybe an external man-door on a garage or shed?)

No, it’s a regular residential house front door

Do you happen to have a multimeter to test voltage on the battery that is reported as low? (At least to rule out errant reporting)

I would recommend testing that and posting.

Hi there, replaced the battery back in January and it is dead again. I had tested the prior battery with a multimeter - can’t remember what the voltage was - but it was dead. Anyway, seems like the sensor is rapidly draining the battery. As the housing is embedded in the door frame, can/how should I return the electronics (is it a one year warranty?) or just order a new one?

You can find our returns and warranty policy information here. You’ll want to go with the second option if you cannot retrieve the sensor casing from the door, and send the old innards in the new casing as a return.

We honor the manufacturer's warranty, which varies by manufacturer and by specific product. If a replacement part is required, you may either 1) return the defective item, at which point we will ship you a replacement, or if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at suretyCAM 2) you can pay for a replacement for us to ship out, the cost of which will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.

Got it, thank you!