Door lock still shows 'pending' in

We have a 2Gig GC2 panel and a Yale YRD226 door lock. Users added to the panel via are able to lock and unlock the door. However, automation is not working between the lock and the panel (e.g. automatically disarming the alarm when the door is unlocked and vice versa, arming the alarm when the door is locked). Similarly, the activity log only shows ‘Slot ###’ instead of the user’s actual name when one of us locks/unlocks the door. Lastly, when attempting to resync a user to the lock will show ‘Pending’ for nearly an hour and eventually will show ‘Failed’.

Note: the door lock and the panel are only about 8 feet apart.

Please advise…


How close was the lock learned into the panel? You will want to learn them in about 6 feet apart. Once the lock has been paired, you will want to leave it near the panel for about five minutes to ensure that the lock completes secure enrollment.

Was a Network Rediscovery Run after pairing the lock and installing it in its final location? This ensures that the mesh network has the best possible communication routes and would need to be done whenever a new Z-Wave device is learned into the panel or a Z-Wave device has been relocated/removed.

Records indicate that your panel’s firmware version is at 1.10.1 which is fairly old. You will want to update your panel’s firmware, the most recent is 1.19.

Next, you will want to remove the lock from the panel, and re learn it in within six feet of the panel. When done pairing, wait five minutes for the secure enrollment process to finalize before moving the lock/panel or running commands. Lastly, be sure to run a network rediscovery once the lock is in its final install point.

Thanks. Where is the link to the latest firmware? I found this page on your site but it is for version 1.17.03 instead of 1.19

The latest update can be directly downloaded here. As a reminder, the TS1 secondary panel’s newest firmware is 1.16, which is compatible with 1.19.3