door lock not working after battery replacement


I have a 2gig go control panel, after replacing the batteries in my schlage zwave lock it no longer works with my panel, it had a low battery alert in the panel and that went away but now… locks no longer function…

any ideas?

Do the locks function locally, as in does the motorized bolt extend and retract and does the keypad function? If not I would verify the battery polarity.

If they are otherwise powered and ready, you can run a network rediscovery at your panel to remap z-wave routes and possibly resolve communication errors. This video shows that process. Does this resolve the issue?

Morning Warren, thanks for responding The motors do work as ive been manually locking the doors, I have completed the network discovery several times. Last night I unclipped the battery again, and manually locked the doors and went to bed… this morning magically it started working again… it’s almost as if sent out a reset on my alarm over night who knows. Thanks