Door left open error?

I started getting a door left open error on one of my sensors/door. The sensor was working great for about 6 months and did not move. I was wondering if there’s something that could be causing interference with the sensor or if it could be something else

Sometimes it corrects itself a few hours later

There are a few things which might cause this, but they are mostly physical in nature or depend on the sensor model. So that we can best assist and rule things out, please post a photo of the sensor with the door in a closed position.

Will do! Thanks!

Is that a metal door?

Between that and seasonal swelling/contracting it might be just at the edge of the magnetic gap. It looks like you can lower that sensor by a little bit but more importantly mount it closer to the magnet to narrow the gap, it’s got some extra space there. Does that help make sure the door registers closed reliably?