Door Bell ADC770

Good Morning,

Anybody had issues with adc770 and two way audio being extremely delayed or not working at all after few seconds from when conversation being started? Before you mention low signal and WIFI issues - Non present why i say that because i finally got feed up and try adc750 and it works great in the same spot also my old skybell work great at same location as well and my phone gets over 400 up and down in that location when speed test is run. Also my second 770 had same issues in that location ,so i don’t think it was the location.

I have to say I struggle with some options not being on the 750, like package detection and touch less door bell. But I love wide view of 750. I like the design of 770 better the round up top and bottom and over all narrower print of the unit.

Anyways entire purpose of this post is to see if I was the only one with 2way voice issue on the 770?

I can’t say we have widely seen the issue you are describing from the VDB770.

In general, the majority of issues from doorbell cameras stem inadequate signal strength at the installation site, mesh networks shuffling cameras, and power issues (bad wiring, incorrect transformer, etc.).

Minimum bandwidth for the 770 is 2.5 Mbps up. Provided strength at the installation site is good, that is the minimum, so some choppy V/A streams can be expected. It also depends on how many devices are on the network.