Does the 2gig panel deal with signal jam?

Just saw this posted re: Comcast alarm. Before I even got to the Comcast answer that this affects all alarm panels with wireless sensors I realized that fact on my own. It’s up to each panel provider’s firmware to sense a loss of sensors and deal with it.

As a software developer I’d consider a panel that somehow, all of a sudden, lost all sensors as under attack and send an alarm condition to monitoring station.

Could you let us all know where 2gig - and perhaps even your other panel providers’ firmware stand on this?

Yes for 2GIG (but it is not enabled by default). Q-65 Select RF jam causes trouble

The Comcast vulnerability is with Zigbee (security sensors), and the fact that if they are jammed, and stop reporting, the panel assumes no communication means everything must be OK as it is unable to detect RF jamming.

2GIG does not use or support ZigBee.

"Rapid7 has determined that there are any number of techniques that could be used to cause interference or de-authentication of the underlying ZigBee-based communications protocol, such as commodity radio jamming equipment and software-based de-authentication attacks on the ZigBee protocol itself", explained Tod Beardsley, principal security manager from Rapid7. "The sensor says 'everything is cool, everything is cool, ' and then it stops talking, and the base station says 'I guess everything is [still] cool'".

Both the 2GIG and Qolsys IQ panel offer RF Jam detection settings for their respective 345 mhz and 319 mhz sensor signals, Qolsys having selectable detection sensitivity. (requires RFPIC 7.0 or higher)

Zigbee is indeed not used.