Does Surety Support Access control

Referring to this link:

We do not support this feature . All service plan features can be found on our service plans page:

I really need to incorporate’s commercial HID Aero Access Control into my security system.

I can purchase the board no problem. Is it still not possible to get it to communicate with my Surety monitored devices through Or is it possible, but you just don’t officially support it?

If it is 100% not possible to make this board communicate with my account monitored by Surety, is there any chance you would consider adding this feature soon? I really need this feature extremely badly!!

Do you offer any other access control integrations with, so that when someone badges it, it can automatically disarm the alarm?


We do not offer commercial access control plans at this time. There are no proximity fob-entry options currently supported.

The commercial access control options require the considerably more expensive commercial base plans which we do not support at this time. It is possible that this may change in the future, I know it has been discussed before, but I am not aware of any imminent changes regarding that. I’ll push this request to our team for review, but I wouldn’t be able to provide any ETA.

Z-wave door locks are supported. You can create Z-wave lock rules with the Home or Complete plans which automatically disarm the alarm panel when a user code is entered in the Z-wave lock.

I would also be very interested in seeing this functionality added.