Does ADC-VDB770 support SVR recording?

Like the subject says, does the new ADC video doorbell support streaming to a SVR? Mine has a stream to panel option, but it’s not streaming to the SVR. Is this a known limitation?

No, the SVR does not support recording schedules for the ADC-VDB770 at this time. (Also true for all Skybell models.) I’m not sure if that will change in the future, but we can push it as a request to ADC.

Thanks Jason that would be great. It seems a little silly to have doorbells not record to a SVR. I mean, a camera is a camera is a camera right? There aren’t battery issues to worry about; it’s hardwired. When reviewing SVR footage, it’s a bummer to have a gap there with the doorbell missing.

Wow it’s been 3 years and still no ability to save doorbell video to SVR. Ridiculous. What other doorbell system doesn’t let you do that? Ring, Nest, etc…

I’m not seeing Ring offering any continuous recording, although I may be missing it, but I do see a Nest reference to it on their premium plan.

We’ve been talking to ADC reps about this and hope to see options soon for ADC doorbells, however currently there is no SVR support for any of the doorbell models.