Document Library ?? Site Suggestion...

Has SuretyDIY ever contemplated adding a Document Library for related security equipment to the site?

Part of being a DIY’er is having access to user manuals and other device data. It could also be a benefit to the Tech support team here as they could link the manual or part of a manual if needed while troubleshooting with clients/customers. Might even make a link for forum members to submit those documents to be added to the library after tech support approves the documents.

Just a suggestion. I keep a folder on my PC of PDF manuals for future use. I’d be happy to share those with forum members if someone needed one.

We do have some documentation associated with devices in the suretyDIY storefront but not in a centralized location and certainly not for every compatible device.

Thank you for the suggestion though as it is comments like that can get the ball rolling on new content/features. :slight_smile:

A likely roadblock to this would be copyright. While I am sure many of the companies would not care much, this was a big issue for cellphones as companies such as apple used copyright to remove the posting online repair manuals for their devices. The general thought was this was done so you will not attempt a repair yourself or visit a non-authorized repair shop and would instead visit the apple store for an ‘authorized’ repair. This situation is totally different, but copyright is still likely the roadblock.

The Document Library may need to take the form of providing links to the official online locations for these documents.