DIY New customer_2GIG Com issues

I have received my vivent takeover/gold package. I have unplugged my panel and disconnected backup battery. removed and installed new communications card with antenna. To go in the toolbox I needed to enter the installer code (ADMIN REMOVED CODE FOR SECURITY) to check cell signal, no signal. I hope this is the correct order to do this and when do I download the software with the cable before or after installing comm card?

The order in which you switch to the new module does not matter, in fact you can update the firmware with no module installed, but you need to have firmware that is compatible with your module before that module will be able to communicate. Once you have updated firmware and the new module installed, then run your cell phone test. It should take a few minutes to complete the connection process once a test has run successfully.

Your panel’s firmware will need to be updated prior to being able to use the new cellular module.

For instructions on all steps, see this page.