Disarm the system when approaching a home

Is there a way to setup the system in the way when you approach the home it disarms itself?
Can’t find anything like that in the settings…

Yes, the IQ Panel 4 has Bluetooth disarm as an option, allowing automatic disarm from Away status.

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If you have multiple phones set for blue tooth disarm, do they both have to be present to disarm the system by blue tooth? Just recently, my wife has been out of town and now when I return home the system must be disarmed by the app or panel. In the past it would be disarmed when we entered the home.

No, that shouldn’t be the case. Bluetooth must be active on your phone and your panel must be armed away for bluetooth disarm to work.

Your bluetooth timeout is set to 10 minutes, so if you return within 10 minutes after arming, your bluetooth disarm will not occur.

Double check to make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Thanks for your reply. I completely forgot about the fact that I have a new phone since most of the time my wife I I arrive together. My new phone was never paired. My mistake.