Disable Z-Wave chimes on Qolsys?

Not a big one, but curious if I’m missing something obvious. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to disable the z-wave voice announcements in the panel. I picked up one of the lamp dimmer modules from Home Depot over the weekend as a test (works like a charm btw). The module works great, responds almost instantly, but the panel announces every time. Lamp On and Lamp Off wouldn’t be too bad, but if you use the dimmer it announces Lamp On then too. That can get a bit annoying after a while. I can’t find anywhere in the panel to turn off the z-wave announcements but leave door chimes and such on. If it doesn’t exist yet, definitely a good RFE for Qolsys. I could imagine if you had some manner of grouping in ADC it could get crazy having several different devices all voice announce at once.

Settings - Master Code - System Settings - Sound - Scroll to “Home Control Device Voice Prompts” and “Home Control Remote Voice Prompts”

Doh! Thanks, Jason. I was there, but saw Edit Chimes and looked in that menu and didn’t even think to scroll the main page…

There are a ton of settings on these panels, so some of them can end up being harder to find than others.