Disable voice announcement for panic

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I searched the forum but wasn’t able to find an answer.

I’m using the small 2GIG panic buttons in different rooms. When I tried one during testing, the panel announced the voice descriptor for the button (Panic remote ****), prior to sounding the alarm. I feel like if I was elsewhere in the house and pressed the button, the panel announcing the fact that someone pressed a panic button isn’t exactly desired. Is there a way to disable the panel from announcing a voice descriptor when a panic button is pressed?

When I tried one during testing, the panel announced the voice descriptor for the button (Panic remote ****), prior to sounding the alarm

These are emergency panic remotes… you probably want to have it announce the location of the person having the emergency. My understanding is these are not “police” panic remotes. They are used like lifeline “I have fallen, and can’t get up” emergencies. “I am hurt, sent help”… panics (that is why they are water-resistant (bath/shower), have lanyards (for wearing around neck), wristbands, and belt clips).

I suspect these are targeted at special needs customers, or for the Senior Citizen customers. The operator will come over the radio, or call premise, contact list to discern nature of emergency.

If you are looking for “stealth” panics (do not announce they have been triggered, or location of home they were triggered from)… then you need to program them as silent panics.

I dont use the PANIC1 remotes (this feature is built into the main panel, the TS1, and PAD1), I instead have panels or keypads on each level of the home.

I have all the police panics programmed as silent (for immediate dispatch without central station trying to call or talk over 2way radio… they listen only). My family knows to hit silent police panic, and hide till police arrive.

If on the other hand, someone is hurt, or needs medical attention, they hit the emergency panic, and wait for operator to come over radio.

If you want your PANIC1 silent, change the zone type from (07) 24 hr audible alarm, to (06) 24 hr silent alarm. Keep in mind that if it is silent, central station will listen in over 2way, and my understanding is they will immediately dispatch.

FYI Q16(2) sets all panel, TS1, Pad1’s as silent police panics…

The 2GIG-PANIC1-345 is used for both silent police panic and medical emergency depending on the zone type programmed as rive described.

Thanks for the answers. I will just change the description for the remotes so the voice announcement doesn’t give away what triggered the alarm. Was planning to have silent panics as well.

In deciding silent vs. audible panics, I had thought there would be advantage for either depending on the situation. As an example, if I’m on a different level of the home during the day and the system isn’t armed, and realize that someone has found their way inside, an audible panic could potentially scare them off. Or at least distract them for a few seconds. Thoughts?

Even with silent panics you can still use the emergency audible alarm from main panel or any TS1

If you set panel panic, or TSI police panic, or PANIC as silent, you do not need to change descriptor as it is not voice annunciated.

A silent panic will not chime. If you are running a system test, all descriptors will be announced.

Panic remotes can be programmed as silent or audible per remote, if you would like to have one trigger the siren and one not.