Disable sensors / "Sabbath Mode"

I just got my IQ Panel with PowerG door/windows sensors.
Currently, even when the system is disarmed, when I open/close the door, the sensor flashes red/green. (which can be a problem for people who observe Shabbat).
I couldn’t find much info online, only this page from PowerG. It seems like they supports it. A quote from this page:

" The Sabbath Mode allows you to use the alarm system without violating the Sabbath. The basic feature of this alarm system is that the PIR sensors are not activated during Disarm mode".

But I don’t understand if this is only for the wired sensors, or can be done for the wireless as well.
Any info/insights here would be very helpful!

The instruction you are referencing is showing how to use a wired contact with a PG9945 and to wire a manual switch in parallel with the door contact so that you can bypass its detection from opening.

This is not relevant to a wireless internal reed switch.

For the PG9303, in the Qolsys panel sensor programming for that zone you can disable LED activation.

Thanks Jason. I understand. About this

in the Qolsys panel sensor programming for that zone you can disable LED activation.

are you talking about this option?
Advanced settings → Installation → installer settings → LED Indicator

If so, I disabled it, but still when I open the door, the sensor flashes with red.

No what I was referencing is found in sensor programming. Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Edit Sensor (select the zone)

Nice! it works! Thanks :slight_smile:

Another question, Is it possible to disable the sound (vocal and beep) from the panel on a certain day and time?

No, it is not possible to schedule settings changes like that. You can change volume settings by pulling down the settings window on the home page.

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