Disable passcode entry countdown beeps

Just got my first panel (Qolsys IQ 4) and am wondering if there is a way to disable the beeps that countdown during passcode entry when switching from arm to disarm.

I had planned on having the panel in the bedroom, and then the first person awake in the morning could disarm via panel. But with these beeps playing during disarm, the other person will surely wake up.

I tried looking in the sounds section under advanced settings, but none of those options turned off the passcode entry countdown beeps. Any help would be much appreciated!

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There is no way to stop those countdown beeps during code entry at this time. I will forward this to Qolsys as another request for that as an option.

Alternatively you can remotely disarm for no countdown.

As Jason says, remotely disarming with the phone app, Android in our case, works well. I would like to see it as a option though.

Thanks for passing the request along. I was able to see that disarming from the app is silent. Do you know if disarming from a key fob would also be silent?

Yes, keyfobs would disarm the panel without a countdown. You would need to enable Keyfob Disarming under the Security and Arming menu in installation settings on the panel.

You can also set it so that keyfobs can disarm active alarms.

Thank you for confirming!