Dimmer module PD300Z-2

Setting up my Qolsys system. This module came pre-programmed. The instructions speak of “child protection” and several other options on the way you control this thing and different things it can do. However, the instructions don’t say a word about how to actually make it do these things. As it is now, I have 2 different lamps plugged into it, and I can only turn 1 of those on and off. Is this all I can do with the Qolsys? Does it not let you control the 2nd outlet? Can I make this thing come on when certain sensors go off? Example: when the living room motion/image sensor is triggered the lamp comes on?

Ok, so I found the ability to create “rules” and was able to make the lamp come on when the image sensor was triggered. I had to place the image sensor in “test” mode to get this to work. Is this because the image sensors do not “trigger” unless the system is armed? Is there a way to make the sensors trigger when the alarm is not armed? I apologize for some of my elementary questions. This is all extremely new to me. Thanks in advance for any help.
P.S. The more I figure out about this system, the more I love it.

Keep in mind as with any battery operated motion detector that there will be a delay interval between activation (battery saving feature.)

The sensor should activate regardless of arming status, the panel determines what to do with that signal.

Plug in lamp modules have two receptacles, one controlled by internal relay (marked with the Zwave logo) and one power pass-through which is not controlled.