Dimmer Capabilities at IQ2 Panel

Hi, I noticed on the new firmware for the IQ2 panel, version 2.6.0, you can now dim your lights and/or switches at the panel with a slider. However, I have Aeotec Smart switches 6 which are not dimmable and sliding it does nothing. I’m just wondering if in any way, shape, or form does it actually lower the voltage/output of the Smart Switch, which I do not want. Thanks

If you have a standard on/off Z-wave switch, an errant dimmer slider would be sending Z-wave commands the device couldn’t process. The physical switch wouldn’t be equipped to alter the output.

thanks Jason.

Looks like this is a bug, as an Aeotec Switch 6 shouldn’t be recognized as having dimming capabilities. For example, before 2.6.0 it was not there, and after 2.6.0 the dimmer abilities showed up.


There is a smart dimmer 6 which looks basically identical to the smart switch 6. I’m guessing you are certain of the model though.

Yeah it is probably just a bug where the panel is basing the dimmer designation off of a z-wave parameter that the switch reports. I’d just be guessing though. We’ll let Qolsys know.

Interesting I just looked at the Smart Dimmer 6 and you’re right it does look like the Smart Switch 6.

But to confirm I am certain of the model I have, I looked at the back of my switch, it’s a Smart Switch 6.

I just updated and I’m experiencing same
Issue. They show up as dimmers when pre 2.6.0 they did show correctly as non dimmers.

Anything from qolsys about that.

FYI they don’t show as dimmers on alarm.com app, only on the panel for me.

Not yet, I’ve reported it as a likely bug. Will follow up here.

Qolsys tells me this has been reported a few times and they are investigating now.