Difficulty adding Z-wave Schlage Connect Deadbolt

I’ve added multiple Schlage Connect locks (BE469) to my Alarm.com system (Qolsys Panel 2) without any trouble. I have one that is causing me a problem however. The panel responds when it is first learned, but then I get the following error message: “Pass non-secure node including process, but fail during secure node including process because of time out. Please remove and relearn to include as secure node - Status code: 515”. It is just 10 feet further away from the panel than another Schlage Connect lock that was successfully added to the system.

So I’ve cleared the deadbolt from the panel and re-learned it multiple times, and each time I get this error message. Any ideas?

How close is the lock from the panel when learning in?

When learning in locks, they need to be within 6 ft of the panel during the pairing process and the lock needs to be left near the panel for about five minutes or so after the pairing process has been completed in order to complete secure enrollment. After completing this step, any change?

Be sure to run a Z-wave network rediscovery at the panel after the lock and panel are back in their final installation locations as well.

That’s likely my problem then, as it is 25 feet or so from the panel. I’ll do that tonight and report back if it doesn’t work.

The locks need to pass secure enrollment for encryption purposes. You can either bring the panel to the lock or vice versa depending on which is easiest for you. Let us know if we can further assist.

Thanks for the help Tyler - much appreciated.

So when I tried adding the new lock to the Qolsys Panel 2, I got the error message “Could not add device. Current maximum number of supported door locks: 4”. This was my 5th lock. I have the latest firmware installed (2.3.0, build #20190107), and I thought the latest update increased the max number of supported locks from 6 to 20.

What do I need to do?


You can adjust the max number of each type of Z-wave device currently set for your panel under Z-wave settings:

Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Z-wave Devices > Z-wave Settings