Difficulty Adding Used Window Sensors

Hey there,

I grabbed several tx-1012-01 sensors off ebay for cheap and am having difficulty installing them to my IQpanel 2.

I tried to auto learn the sensors and nothing happened. I put the magnet on, off multiple times and nothing. I even popped to cover off and tried to tamper the sensors and nothing.

Here’s the sensors I grabbed.

Any input on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

If they are official TX-1012-01 sensors from Interlogix, they should be 319.5 MHz compatible.

None of them work? Have you tried learning one in by manually entering the DL ID? Any luck?

If they are used, the batteries could be dead. Do you have a tester? If not do you have a fresh battery you can use to test? According to documentation they use CR2032 batteries.

I was trying to figure out where I would get the DL info from.

There’s a bunch of numeric values on the panels, but none seem to be a DL. Any input on where to look?

My plan was to see if I could figure that out then swap batteries if that fails.


It would be printed on the case or inside the sensor (or on the box if those were included.) Should be 6 characters long, typically letters and numbers. Would likely be a number that differs from one sensor to the next. Feel free to post a pic if you’d like

Keep in mind that ultimately, you will want to ensure that the device passes status information to the panel by testing each sensor after learning them in.

Here’s a few pics. The file with the 2 sensors, the only differentiating number is the 5 digit numeric value above Mexico.

On the outside, all of the values are the same.

This holds true across 3 different devices.

Thank you for the update. Looking into this further, the device is not listed as compatible in official Qolsys compatibility.

Additionally, the DL ID required is six characters. Entering the five digit numbers printed on the sensors shown in manually will not work. It is not normal for auto-learn to not work, and that generally indicates the sensor cannot signal to the panel at all.

If the sensor does not learn in via the Auto-Learn feature, one of a few things are happening. Either the batteries are dead, inserted wrong, the sensor is bad, or the sensor is not compatible with the panel.