Differnce between LTE boards

Whats the difference between 2GIG-LTEV-A-GC2 and 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC2 ?


Older (I think) since requires v1.17 firmware
Class 3 LTE - so faster/more bandwidth?
No longer made??


Newer (I think) since it requires v1.19 firmware
Class 1 LTE - capped at 10Mbps it seems?

Is the older board preferable? Do they all work on same bands/etc?

Cat1 boards are newer yes, and in general are less complex and a bit more reliable, at least in theory between Cat1 and Cat3. They are pretty much a replacement.

Cat1 are for devices which require less data usage (like the alarm panel) and helps minimize the power requirements/etc.

Would the bandwidth difference matter for alarm.com cameras and such?

Alarm.com cameras do not send video through the cellular connection of your panel. They communicate with ADC via your broadband internet.

Did not know that. I think when I last looked the latest & greatest was 2GIG-IMAGE1 camera. Thanks!

Ah, np! The Image Sensor does indeed use cellular, but static images from the image sensor do not approach the requirements of a video camera. Happy to help!