Did I connect my energy meter right?

I’ve used the following to connect my aeon lab energy meter. Just need to make sure this is correct. I would like to get a accurate reading as I just got everything setup.

If using a G1 version, current directionality does not apply I believe, but otherwise yes, that would be correct.

I do see readings coming from the device, although it has only been a short while. Do the readings not look accurate?

I have the G1 and notice the K L. I’m getting readings I just didn’t know how correct they were I’ll have to do some testing. I’ll give it a few days and check back. Hopefully I got it setup correct the first time. I would like to ask about the mobile app. Is there not a way we can get a instant reading on the mobile app? The mobile app energy tap is not very good. only show a summery. I was looking for an instant reading like you get when you login to the web GUI.

You are right, the energy management options in the Alarm.com app do not match up with the web UI and the Get Power Use Now is not an option. I know this was an active area of development overall in the recent past, so hopefully we will see some updates soon. We made another enhancement request to ADC regarding this today for you.