Dialer Delay Question

Is there a minimum number of seconds that the alarm should go off before triggering a call? With my previous alarm service, if the alarm was cancelled in 15 seconds (the real alarm, not the entry delay) then no call back from monitoring center.

Happy to help! The setting you are referring to would be Dialer Delay. (Transmission Delay on GC3) This is a delay after an alarm is caused by a sensor on the local system and the alarm signal being forwarded to the central station. Alarm.com still receives this immediately as a pending alarm signal, then awaits a disarm or time-out.

We generally recommend lowering Dialer Delay to its lowest setting. Some panels you can remove it entirely. On 2GIG it can be enabled or disabled on a per-sensor basis. Looks like this question however is in reference to a Concord 4.

On a Concord 4, 15 seconds is the minimum value.