"Device state unknown" after moving a wireless smoke to a different zone

Have a couple of wireless 58xx smoke detectors using 5882ENH on my Vista 20p w/ ADC SEM that I need to move to higher zone numbers (from 9-10 to 16+) so I can use those zone numbers for wired zones.

I cleared zone 9 for one of the smokes and copied the settings to zone 34. It showed up pretty immediately in ADC, but it’s been showing “Device state unknown” for a few hours now.

Is there anything I need to do to get device state updates going?


Well, I decided to pull the battery on the smoke and plug it back in…now shows OK status.

Also just learned that the loop was configured for tamper. hah.

Until a signal has been received by the panel for supervision or test signal the status will generally show unknown. ADC will show that until the panel sends the current state of the new sensor, which happens when the sensor sends its first status to the panel. This is usually a pretty short time.

The wrong loop would impact that though.