'device" is offline

Good morning Jason and SuretyDIY team,
in the last few days, it seems like every device (doors, windows, motion sensors), wired or wireless, is reporting as offline.
This has never happened before.
What can I do to get them back online and working as they should?
Thanks for your excellent support.

On the 2GIG GC2, when all sensors report malfunction, this means that the XCVR (the sensor transceiver) failed.

The first step would be to try a reboot of the panel. The sensors will no longer show as malfunctioning right upon reboot. You would want test the sensors after the reboot. Do they open and close on the panel?

If not, and if the supervision malfunction occurs again later then the XCVR2 would need replaced. (it would be the XCVR2 if you have TS1s)

Thx Jason,
As always a fast answer.
Ill give it a try when i get home.