Designing upgrade to Qolsys IQ Panel 4

Amazing to find this resource and the knowledge within…thanks in advance for the help!

I have an old ADT system and I’m looking at coming over to Surety with a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 but have questions thinking through how it will all work…

Old system:

  • ADT Safewatch 3000 (Vista 20p WA3001-5.5 chip, 2008, rev 5.5). Owned, cancelled monitoring, and have the master and installer codes

  • Wireless: 5800 series sensors (door/window, motion, smoke)

  • Wired: keypad, wireless receiver, siren, phone landline, cellular relay


  • Intending to replace the keypad with Qolsys IQ Panel 4 (345Mhz to work with the 5800 series sensors)

Questions / Issues:

  • Redundant hardware to remove?

    • My understanding is the IQ Panel 4 has cellular capability, wifi, and wireless receiver for sensors…Does it completely replace the functionality of the Vista 20p panel? I’m trying to figure out what hardware can be removed or needs to stay.

    • May I disconnect and remove the old wireless receiver and cellular relay devices?

    • Is there any need for the phone landline anymore or does the monitoring communication happen through wifi / cellular?

    • Would disconnecting the wired landline from the Vista 20p panel cut it off to the house (is it relayed)?

    • Is the Vista20p panel itself needed anymore with a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 installed?

  • Power

    • It appears the old system was powered by a 16.5V transformer to the Vista20p panel (terminals 1&2) and that the old keypad received power relayed from terminal 4&5 on the panel. Does that sound right?

    • In this setup will I need to add separate power wiring for the new Qolsys IQ 4? The old keypad seems to be relayed 12V power from the Vista20p and the Qolsys comes with a 7V transformer.

  • Qolsys communication to Vista20p

    • The old keypad seems to communicate with the Vista20p via hardwiring to the data terminals 6&7. Does that sound correct?

    • May that wiring be removed in my new scheme and how does the Qolsys communicate with the Vista20p?

Ultimately most of these questions won’t be relevant, the Vista panel would not be used at all, nor would any of its components. Every device you mentioned as wired to the panel would be unnecessary and incompatible with the new panel. (keypad, wireless receiver, siren, phone landline, cellular relay)

If you don’t have any wired alarm sensors, all of them wireless, you wouldn’t even need a hardwired translator for sensor usage. You would just remove the Vista and program the existing 5800 series wireless sensors into your Qolsys 345 panel.

The Qolsys panel must be powered from its included transformer. The only existing wiring which would be relevant would be the keypad wiring, as users typically want to place the new panel in a keypad location.

You can typically reuse existing keypad wiring from the old system, assuming it is under 75ish feet and 22/4 cable. You would just double up the conductors, two for positive and two for negative, to deliver power from the Qolsys plug in transformer to the panel.

Fastastic! Thank you for confirming!