Design questions - distance from panel?

I will be buying a system soon and am trying to plan ahead. Can you tell me about how far apart a 2gig pir or a 2gig thin door contact can be from the 2gig panel? 30ft? There will be 2 office walls empty space between them. The walls are pretty thin, and made of sheet rock and metal framing. Is there a repeater in the case that the distance is an issue?

30 Feet should cause zero problems.

Actual distance in complete open air can be hundreds of feet. The most important thing is the material the sensor is adhered to and the material of intervening walls.

Metal doors can soak up the signal and drastically reduce range, but 30 feet again shouldn’t be an issue.

Sheetrock/drywall typically only degrades a signal by upward of 10%.

If you ever end up having a circumstance where signal is an issue, there is indeed a repeater available to boost the signal of all devices it can hear.

Hi Jason,

Thanks so much for the info. I appreciate the help.

One other question.

I plan to put the main 2 gig panel in a locked wood closet were we have other IT equipment. I will use the Ts1 as the main unit staff enter passwords on. Do you think there will be any problems if the main panel is mounted at about 3ft high? I could also possible mount it much higher like around 7ft.


You are probably better off with a higher mounting height. Placing the control panel in the cabinet though is a concern regarding cellular signal as well as sensor RF. Depending on how much IT equipment/server racks/cabling etc. is actually in there, you may run into some major issues. If that stuff is minimal, you’ll probably be fine.

Before mounting, be sure to check to make sure signal strength is good. I would recommend looking for at least a 20+ signal strength in this circumstance, to account for possible additions to the closet hardware/wiring/etc.

Although, in general, I would recommend placing the panel in an alternate location.

Ok Thanks, its very minimal on equipment. One 16 port switch and a router, no wifi in the closet.

I will definitely test for signal strength before mounting. I was trying to keep the main panel close to the center of the office to help with coverage, the wood cabinet is right in the center.

I will look around for an alternate location for the main panel just in case testing does not go well.

Thanks for all your help.