Design changes to 2GIG System?

I chatted several days ago about switching my Vivint system over. Two more questions, there is an existing motion detector, and my understanding is that small animals do not trigger current technology. We have a cat and small dogs (10-20 pounds which are always crated when we are gone). The cat is our concern, should that be an issue? Secondly, our back door is hard wired, and announces on the current system but will not alarm, can that be corrected with the switch to you?

Performance of the motion detector would be determined by the model. What is the model number on that motion detector? Typically, cats have presented a continuing issue if the motion detector faces furniture that they commonly climb upon. However, if you have been using this system for a while, performance would not change from what you are currently seeing unless changes are made physically.

suretyDIY subscribers all have access to installer settings and so any zone on your system can be reprogrammed when you need. If a sensor chimes but does not report an alarm when the system is armed, it is likely programmed as (23) No Response as the zone type. (If using 2GIG Go!Control.)

This can be changed to (1) Entry Exit or (3) Perimeter as the situation demands.