Design business / warehouse system

I want to be able to have 2 partitions so I can limit the users that have access to the warehouse and office separately.

I want one set of users to be able to open the front door. Access the receptionist area and the office and bathroom.

I want another set of users to be able to open the garage door and access the bathroom.

On a seperate note the warehouse area doesn’t have access to the lights for the overhead in that area. Those are next to the front door. So I’d need to give access to those lights remotely through the app to whoever has access to the warehouse.

From my understanding I should be able to get compatible thermostats, door handles, light switches, cloud cameras, smoke detectors, and the lift master myq all in one system. Correct?

Which system and what addons would accomidate my desired system?

The only compatible control panel that currently supports multiple partitions is the Interlogix Concord 4. I’ve used it in commercial installations like this where you need to limit access to different areas.

Yes, with the Concord 4 you can have multiple partitions and all the automation stuff as well. It even supports wired smoke detectors. The automation stuff actually lives in the cellular module for the Concord 4, not in the control panel itself. It’s harder to install than a wireless control panel like 2GIG or Qolsys. It’s more of a traditional security alarm control panel.

Follow up question. If I went with a 2Gig system and kept everything on one partition could I still limit who has access to the doors?

To clarify if I had the front door, bathroom doors, and office to warehouse door using smart door knobs and added them to the system could I limit which users can unlock them and thus limit who has access to the office/warehouse area that way?

The alarm is really just to keep the area secure when no one is there. If someone wants to steal from me and can disable the alarm because they work for me a interior door isn’t going to defeat them. Plus I can see when a door is opened and have cameras, correct?

(Second question)
In the instance of the bathroom is there a double sided smart lock that I can use on those doors? How would I prevent someone in the warehouse from going into the office or someone from the office going into the warehouse? Would I just have to put the keypad side of the lock on the inside of the bathroom? Do any smartlocks have a double keypad side for inside and out?

I am not aware of any double keypad Zwave locks. They are not necessarily designed with the intention of interior access door use. (I do not know of any that aren’t weather-rated, etc.) You could accomplish what you are asking I think with users coding out of the room, rather than in, so yes, you could just have the keypads face inside the room.

You can of course limit the users who have access to specific locks. This is easily done on a per user basis.

You can see when a door opens in your history and (with Gold) set up a real time notification to notify you exactly when it opens.