Deleting sensors

I purchased a new IQ2 panel and set my system up recently. After looking at the sensor test I have 2 sensors that are showing poor signal which isn’t a surprise because I would sometimes lose the supervisory signal when I was with Frontpoint.

I have ordered two Powerg sensors to replace them, but would like to keep them in the same zone when setting them up. How do I delete a sensor and make sure the new sensor Doesn’t just get added to the end of the list?

You can delete a sensor and the next sensor learned in should replace that zone number.

So say you have 10 sensors learned in, and you delete the zone 4 window sensor but then you learn in a new sensor, that one will be zone 4.

To delete a sensor, swipe down from the home screen to open the settings tray and click on:

  • Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Enter the Installer Code
  • Installation
  • Devices
  • Security Sensors
  • Delete Sensor

From there just click to select the device(s) you want to delete.