Delays on Sensors on Honeywell Vista Panel with SEM

How do I add delay to my entry and exit sensors? I just added the SEM to my Honeywell Vista panel and activated it on Surety/

Are you looking to extend the delay time of sensors that are already programmed as Entry/Exit?

Or do you mean you have more doors you want to change to be Entry Exit sensors?

I see that your system is currently reporting one Zone as an Entry Exit zone. The zones are not named so I can’t give context, but any Zones programmed as Entry Exit would already have the delay period programmed for the system.

Are you saying that the already programmed delays from my previous alarm company will carry over? If that is the case, I am okay then.
And yes, only one zone was programmed with Entry Exit sensor.

Correct, local sensor programming doesn’t change when you activate service. All your sensors would operate the same as before.