Delayed response to door contact

When our entry door is opened I occasionally notice a delayed response with the chime at the panel (Maybe 3 seconds?). I wasn’t sure if this had anything to do with the fact that I am using hardwired sensors and the Hardwire 16 converter, but it hasn’t particularly bothered me. Yesterday, however, we triggered the alarm with the motion sensor in the front foyer, presumably because it registered motion before the entry door sensor registered at the panel. Is there any way to adjust this timing?

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Is it just that one zone with the delay? I would expect all zones from the HW16 would be delayed if any are.

If it is just the one, it is likely a physical issue at the sensor. What kind of sensor is it? Plunger or magnet? Top of door, side of door?

Yes, from what I have noticed it is just the one door that has the delay. It is a swinging front entry door with a standard flush magnetic switch on the top of the door.

Where is the magnetic contact located at the top? Is it toward the hinge side (shouldn’t be) or toward the handle side of the door?

How often does this happen?

If it is just that sensor and it is installed properly I would suggest looking into replacing the wired sensor as the reed switch may be having trouble opening.

It is near the handle side of the door. If I open the door 10 times, then 8 or 9 times it will register at the panel within 1 sec or so, but the other 1 or 2 times may take 3 or 4 seconds to chime the panel. I will replace the reed switch and see if that fixes the issue. Thanks Jason!

Not to beat a dead horse here but just to make sure we’re going down the right road, is it possible that this particular zone is simply the most frequently used so the delay is noticed?

Can you try the same repeated opening test on some other zones on the Hardwire 16F?

Yep, that makes sense. So I tested 4 different exterior doors. Three of the doors were pretty consistent around 2sec response times. The Front entry door averaged about 2sec on 12 of 15 tests, but the remaining 3 response times were between 6-7 seconds (I used a stopwatch this time). And not that it matters, but the entry door is the closest to the hardwire 16 device of all the doors.

Alright, well, it does seem that that circuit may just have a harder time physically opening. That’s more likely the sensor itself than otherwise.

Is there any way to put the motions on a time delay? Just in case there is a delay in the relay? There are several areas in the house where a motion will pick up an entry door as it opens, so those sensors will be almost simultaneous…

You could use Sensor Group 20 for those motion detectors to actually trigger an Entry delay with those detectors as well.

20 Away- Delay Motion . Active when armed to “Away”. Triggers an entry delay when motion is detected. Does not trip if an entry/exit sensor is tripped first.

Great…and they will not be active during “Stay”?

Correct, that is a motion detector sensor group. You can view the various group options here.

Thank you, Jason!