Defualt Arming Code

I just got my 2GIG GC3 and had it all wired up and sitting on the counter. While I stepped away, my daughter armed it. I haven’t programed it or anything. Is there a default code to disarm the panel?


User default code is 1111 (unless changed by whoever programmed it)

Yes. For a 2GIG GC3 or GC2 the default master code is 1111. If this is a new panel, this code should work for you.

If your panel is already connected to our service, remember that you can also disarm remotely through

Thanks… That worked perfectly. I selected a plan, but I am still in the middle of installation. Have the spackle drying now, so should have the wall painted and the panel back up an running tomorrow. I am sure I will have tons more questions.

Happy to help with any questions!