Defeating glass break detectors

Do you have heavy curtains on your sliding glass doors, or windows?

Did you decide for what ever reason that glass breaks were the way to protect your perimeter to the exclusion of pir motion detectors or window sensors/shock sensors?

Glass breaks are easy to defeat, and should be installed as a third layer of protection, not as the primary.

If you’re relying on glass breaks to protect your home, you may have set yourself up for a very unpleasant surprise…

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This is great information.

It should be noted that tempered glass may be a good location for glass break detectors. The intruder would have to cover up the entire pane of glass with duct tape in order to potentially eliminate the noise of the glass breaking.

I suspect a tempered glass window/door protected by a GB would be the easiest to defeat as once the tempered glass is broken it will simply disintegrate into thousands of pieces.

Lets Say cover up the entire tempered window with a $5 roll of duct tap (overlapping each section for extra strength), or the fixed/non moving section of a sliding glass door, hit it with a ball peen hammer,then simply pull the entire section of duct tape with shattered glass fragments out…

Glass is gone, and GB never activates…easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy (and near silent).

Gotta love safety glass