Deep Sentinal

I have been reading about the launch of Deep Sentinal which is a 24/7 human monitoring video system. Is developing something like this? You can easily Google this.

What about at least 2 way speakers that work with ADC? This way if you saw something on video (especially those of us with video systems that are not ADC), you could hear and speak through the speaker?

I think this is the future of home security

Video verification has been around for a while, in various forms and levels of quality. In our case, Video Verification is a feature available through and our Central Station that we are testing and fine-tuning already. This is a reactive service where operators would use video feeds to validate alarm signals and relay intruder details to authorities. Stay tuned for future availability for Video Verification.

Likewise, the ADC-V521, ADC-V522, and ADC-V622 cameras all have two way audio capabilities. The ADC-V622 itself can initiate communication with the app simply by tapping a button on top. You can otherwise listen in and communicate through the app on these models.