Daily regular malfunction

I have an a concord system with alarm.com, 30 or so sensors.

Every single day for over a month, at exactly 8:00 PM, one of the sensors malfunctions… the end of malfunction is not as regular… it lasts between an hour and 10 hours, but always clears itself.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

The Window 3 reported a Malfunction at 8:00 pm on Thursday, August 13 2015

This is likely a supervisory error being reported by the panel. When opening the window, does the sensor otherwise function?

Yes it’s fully functioning outside of the malfunction alert, and that is what the system says if I press the status button (Supervisory).

What might cause a supervisory at the same time each day? Is it something like range (I have other sensors farther away)?

For some reason that sensor’s supervision signal is weakened enough to not be registered at the panel. Presumably you have pressed the * button to view status and subsequently armed/disarmed the system? (this will clear trouble alert)

I have seen trouble alerts loop in a Concord panel’s memory before. If I recall, it was ultimately caused by power fluctuations. A power cycle fixed the issue. You might try completely powering down your panel, AC first, then battery, then power back up, battery first, then AC.

Test the sensor to make sure its signal registers then see if it behaves the same over the next couple days with regard to supervision signals.