Current supported irrigation

I am working on installing irrigation at my home and would like to know what are the currently support modules to control valves ? Is there a module that works / is more reliable than others? Thanks. supports two separate smart irrigation options, Rachio and Rain Bird.

For Rachio all generations of the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller
are compatible.

Rain Bird controllers that are compatible would be:

  • ESP-TM2 with LNK Wi-Fi Module
    • Available in 4, 6, 8, and 12-station (zone) modes
  • ESP-Me with LNK Wi-Fi Module
    • Compatible ESP-Me’s shipped after November 2, 2016, will have the LNK Ready icon on the panel. If the controller does not have the LNK Ready icon, it would not be compatible.

Features would include:

System Status Monitoring

  • Watering history
  • Current water (if active)
  • Seasonal adjustments (Rain Bird only)


  • Rain Delay
  • Turn on specific zones for a desired time
  • Run Program (same as Run Schedule on Rachio)
  • Put the Device in standby (Rachio only)
  • Stop current watering

Note : The app does not support configuration of Rachio schedules, Rain Bird programs, weather settings, or offer a view of schedule history.