CT50 T-Stat Compatibility

Is the CT50 compatible with the 2gig CP? Radio Thermostats is sending me a replacement for my CT30 and they said they no longer stock the 30s so they’re sending me a 50. I still have the z-wave module from the 30.

I think the main difference is the 50 has built-in wifi right?

it is marketed as a WIFI tstat with snap-in module, and it doesn’t appear to natively support zwave, So I have my doubts as to whether or not 2GIG/ADC will support it.

Walmart sells them for $127

If it were me, I would offload and sell that brandnew unopened wifi CT50 for $100 on say ebay, and get a ADC-T2000

New ADC-T2000 $99:


Sounds like a plan!

Yeah, the CT50 is I think a wifi only version.

$97 for the CT50 without any modules at Walmart. It’ll be coming with its two ports empty. I’ll still try to get the T2K.

Wonder why they’re so expensive.

Got the package today. Along with the CT50, they sent this transformer; http://goo.gl/ysbjqF.

The output is identical except the one I used was 1.3A out, this one is .83A out.