CT100 Thermostat Not Pairing Properly


I have had two CT100 thermostats installed for several year and paired with my 2Gig Go Control 2 with no problems. I frequently use the alarm.com android app and an echo to control them. Last night my upstairs unit apparently lost the ability to be controlled by the Go Control… The link indicator was still on the thermostat. I ultimately removed the device from the controller and re-added it. It was discovered with no problem, but the query function apparently did not properly identify the device, so it was shown as unknown and could not be controlled by the controller. Both thermostats have the C wire. The failing thermostat is functioning fine except for the connectivity. The failed unit is not far from the controller, but I removed the controller from the wall anyway and placed it directly next to the thermostat with exactly the same result. I read another thread describing this problem but did not see a final resolution. I know the device is no longer supported unless it is grandfathered in, but mine are grandfathered. Can you help me resolve this. I do have considerable experience with z-wave devices and am confident I am performing the functions properly.

Thank you

It looks like during the re-pairing process, the Upstairs CT100 partially failed but left some data in Alarm.com so the device was reporting as malfunctioning. I sent some commands to update your equipment list and it fell off completely.

What you’ll want to do at this time is start fresh with the upstairs CT-100. To troubleshoot,

  • bring the panel within 6 feet of the CT100.
  • remove the CT100 from the Z-Wave network,
  • then Add it to the Z-wave network and leave the two near one another until its paired. Does the tstat pair successfully?
  • if so, then put the panel back in its installation point and run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery.

Hi Tyler,

OK, it still says unknown manufacturer and of course is not properly paired. Is there any problem with current firmware properly pairing these devices, given their grandfathered status?



No, there is no limitation based on new firmware.

If you are still seeing trouble I would recommend resetting the thermostat (the reset button behind the plastic cover at the top) and power cycling the 2GIG Panel. Then try the remove/pair steps again. Any change?

Hi Jason,

Just resetting the thermostat did the trick. I didn’t know that reset button was there, so thank you very much. All is well now. You guys are so knowledgeable.

Thank you,


Glad to hear that helped! Thanks for confirming!