CT100 battery drain

I have a CT100 that I have had to change the batteries in at least 3 times since October. When it does out, the heat shuts off. I put batteries in a month ago and got a notice from alarm.com that my house was at 59 degrees. It seems like the batteries are draining too quickly. Have you heard of any problems like this with the CT100? What should I be doing about getting this thermostat to work properly? Might it need replaced?

If you can get the CT100 running off wall power instead of just battery, you should. Most furnaces have a 24V output called the C-wire or common (usually connected to a black wire) and if you can get that wired up to the thermostat so it’s running off wall power then the batteries should last for years. Even if your furnace doesn’t have a 24V common terminal, if you have extra wires available in the cable you can use an 18-24V power supply (AC or DC) to power the CT100. I definitely recommend powering the CT100 off wall power because with the z-wave communication and everything it drains batteries faster than a simple thermostat.

If you can’t get the C-wire to the thermostat and you have to run off just batteries then I will say 3 times since October sounds a like a bit much. In the rare case that we can’t get a C-wire to the thermostat and have to use batteries they seem to last around 3 months. But we almost never run a CT100 off just battery power.