CT-100 how to adjust temperature when arm 2Gig Go panel

Have 2Gig Go with CT-100 thermostat on SuretyCAM Alarm.com Gold service.

The Alarm.com site says you can “Adjust your thermostat when you arm your security system for the night” using customized triggers.

I have not been able to figure out how to adjust the temperature on the thermostat when I arm the panel. “Automate My: Thermostat” is not available to control when creating an “Event-Triggered Rule”.

I am not interested in the Smart Schedules feature, activity monitoring, or setting fixed schedules as this does not match our use case. Simply set one temperature when unarmed and another when armed.

It’s actually not found in Rules section of the emPower Alarm.com features. To change it, simply follow the instructions below.

1.) Click on the emPower tab.
2.) Click on Thermostats.
3.) Turn on the “Away From Home Thermostat Override.”
4.) In the Away from Home Settings, check the box for “When System is Armed Away.”
5.) Set the Target Temps you desire
6.) In the Return to Home Settings, check the box for “When System is Disarmed.”
7.) The thermostat will return to the schedule you create or to the default schedule if you haven’t made any changes.

Alternatively, you can ignore steps 6 and 7 and the thermostat will return to a manual operation but the thermostat will remain at the temps you have selected for the Armed Away Override.

Awesome response Jay. I remember finding this a long time ago. But it is not exactly what I want, since I rarely use Arm Away due to my pets. I want this exact functionality for Arm Stay.

My use case is the thermostat for my sun room. If this room is used during the day and someone adjusts the temperature, great, but I want it set back at night or when we lock up (to leave or for the night) so the room is not heated or air conditioned when not in use.

I suppose I can get close to this with a night schedule, but would like the above trigger to work with Arm Stay as well. Unchecking the box for “System is Armed Away” does not seem to make it work the way I want.

The presence triggers would not work, since we briefly walk through the sun room several times a day to let the dog out, and I do not want to turn on the heat or air due to a one minute occupation.

Any more ideas or suggestions? Thanks again for the fast and accurate response.

I think I understand your use case. I’m not clear on how automatically adjusting the thermostat when the system is armed in stay mode helps. Does the alarm system only cover your sun room or does it cover the whole house? I assume it covers the whole house but then why would you arm the system in stay mode every time you leave the sun room?

It sounds like what you need is support for home automation scenes. Then you could run a scene that adjusts the target temperature in the sun room based on triggers such as motion detector activity. Alarm.com doesn’t currently support scenes but will soon. It’s a long overdue feature that everyone wants and we’re just waiting for Alarm.com to deliver.

Until Alarm.com releases their scenes feature, I think your best option is to use a schedule that keeps the target temperature where you want it when the room is not in use and then manually override that on the thermostat when the room is in use. You have 4 points to play with (the vertical bars) where you can schedule a temperature change. If you spread those out throughout the day (say 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm) and always have the scheduled temperature as if the room is not in use, then it will automatically change back to the schedule temperature at those times and hopefully reduce the amount of time the target temperature is left at the “room in use” temperature after you leave. The only down side I see is if you are using the room for more than a few hours in a row you would have to manually override it again at some point when the schedule adjusts it back to the “not in use” temperature. See the attached pic for an example.