Create light timers with Z-Wave switches and GC2?

I’m seriously thinking of adding a number of Z-Wave switches to my 2Gig system, but can’t find any information about whether it is possible to set automatic timers for my lights when I’m away from home. Does anyone know if setting timers is an option with the GC2?

Hey Friendo! Welcome to the forum!

You would have to decide whether to use the panel automation or automation. Through you are able to:

*Turn on specific lights upon arming away/stay and you can even set those rules to fire only during specific times.

*Set schedules for your lights based on day of the week set at a specific time -or- based on sunrise/sunset. However, you cannot use the arming state of the panel as a variable currently. So the schedule through would occur at the time you specify regardless of whether the panel is armed or not.

The panel itself limits to event based rules. You would create a scene in the panel, then assign it to run when a specific event occurs. (not schedule based)