Covering Windows

I have a lot of windows and I am not sure the glass break totally protects. Do you recommend window contacts on each window or do you sell shock sensors? I am not wanting to order now but will consider for the future.

The way I would recommend going is a wired shock sensor connected to a window sensor that has a wired input. Overall it adds I think the best protection and is generally the least vulnerable to false alarms.

You can also do this with the 2GIG-DW10-345 Thin Door/Window. The DW10 does not have screw down terminals though. The DW10 comes with a wired lead that plugs into a port in the sensor. You can splice the wires then with the shock sensor.

If you don’t want to shock sensor each window, consider a PIR motion programmed as interior follower (or an IS programmed as no response if you are worried about false alarms due to pets). This is how I cover my windows and sliding glass door (perimeter and interior).

Glass breaks should not be used as a primary line of defense, but instead as a third line after perimeter and interior. I personally don’t use them at all, and consider them superfluous.

Thank you for the responses!

I am definitely going to go one of those two routes.

Can you provide a few more details on how yours is setup riven? That sounds like what I want to do but I am not following it 100%.

Important to take into account how you plan to use the system. If this system will often be armed with someone at the location still, interior zones will not provide as much benefit. But, in general, motion detectors do provide proficient and very cost effective coverage.

Can you provide a few more details on how yours is setup riven

All 1st/2nd floor doors/windows sensored (DW10/DW20). I also plan to finish sensoring all 3rd floor windows, but this may be a bit overkill.

1st floor interior follower IS with background capture for disarmed/stay arming, 2nd/3rd floor interior follower PIR’s, cameras set for VMD 1st/2nd floor as well for redundancy. I prefer adjacent corner mounts for the PIR’s.

Motions are set up so that if an intruder comes through a door or window they will trigger an alarm event. Any movement coming off stairwells to landings will trigger motions/cameras.

In my case, I also have CO/Ion, and heat/photo detectors on each level, a fixed panic on each level (PAD1, TS1), and a 100db zwave siren/strobe on the sleeping level outside bedrooms.

I also have zwave lights on floors set to turn on if an alarm event occurs, and turn off when alarm event is cleared.