Could you remove malfunctioning ADC temp sensor

One of my ADC temperature sensors named Second Bedroom (ID:11) started showing as offline in a while ago.

I tried changing the battery and after that did not help, attempted to delete the sensor from z-wave network so that I could add it back. However my troubleshooting attempts did not lead to anything as I wasn’t able to to delete the sensor from the panel.

GC2 shows the sensor in the list of all z-wave devices and does not detect any failed z-wave nodes. This is even after I removed sensor battery and left it without power for a week. I tried rebooting the panel, scanning the network for failed nodes and re-discovering the network multiple times to no effect.

At this point I gave up on the sensor and just want to remove it so that I replace it with a new one.

Would you be able to remotely remove this sensor from my panel and also from

I’ve sent a command to the system to clear that node. Please allow a few minutes for that to take effect. This will only work if the panel cannot communicate with the device at this time.

Thanks - the sensor is no longer listed in the panel and it’s also gone from