Could someone help with the new Q97 on the 1.13 firmware update

The new Q97 “select sound on normal closing acknowledgement”

I interpreted this to be that the alarm panel will make a sound now when a contact closes and not just opens?

Am I correct?

I selected “enabled”, but when I close my sensors, there is no sound or notification. What am I doing wrong?

I played around with that. My suggestion is to leave it disabled unless you want your panel giving tones after arming.


I wanted to use it because I have 2 magnets on my slider so that I can leave it cracked open a bit and keep the system armed. It would also make a tone if someone tried to open it when I was home and the alarm was not armed.

Currently, people have to watch the magnet and line it up with the 2nd magnet. I was hoping this audible indicator would help aligning the sensor with the magnet (it would tone when it was lined up with the second magenet)

That isn’t how it works. If you try to arm the panel with a sensor open, it would require a bypass (unless auto bypass enabled). If the panel is armed, and the sensor opens it will alarm, or indicate a trouble on panel.

If you want a tone for sensor when panel is disarmed, and it is opened, then change the sensor’s chime. Q97 will not make a tone if sensor closed, and is opened when panel disarmed.

The way this works is as described in the linked URL

the main panel makes a single tone (like the delay entry tone) following the arming state closing acknowledgement . That’s it.

Thank you for the clarification.

With all of this being said, is there a way to make it so the panel makes a tone when the sensor is closed?

Change the sensor programmed “chime” from say voice to a chime.

Security/menue/toolbox/mastercode/chime setup

Chime #1
Chime #2

I dont think this will work and I probably asked the question wrong.

Currently I have it so there is a chime and voice. It only does that when the sensor is opened. Is there a way to make it so it does it when it opens AND closes?

You may not be able to configure chime for sensor closing.

See above edited post

hmmmmm. my do not chime when closed only the open. Any idea if there is a setting that is preventing this?

I corrected my above post, mine chime when opened, not closed.

Wow. I hadn’t noticed there was a Q97 in the 1.13 firmware. It’s not even documented in the manual. In this case I think by “closing” they mean when you arm the system - which in a business means you’re “closing” for the day. In security alarm monitoring we often say “opening” to mean disarming in the morning and “closing” to mean arming at the end of the day.

I don’t know of any way to program the 2GIG panel to chime when a sensor closes but I’ve requested that feature in the past.

My sensors now chime when windows or doors are closed. Not sure what happened or if this is due to me enabling Q97

It wasnt working at first, but I have tried various doors and windows and it chimes when closing now. This is why I am not sure if it is truly tied to q97