Converting Protection 1 system


Can I use my “Protrction 1” (now ADT) installed system with Surety:

The counter top control module is a : 2GIG Go! Control CP81 345E 141328000 1655560
1 outdoor wireless nite vision camera model (ADC-V720W)
2-door sensors
1- window open sensor
1- indoor motion sensor camera

The former owner ( we just bought the house) had cell phone app control.

What would I need to convert this system?

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Most likely, yes.

We need to figure out whether you have a 4G LTE module and, if not, what firmware version you have.

Here’s a video that shows how to find the module inside the panel. You can ignore the rest of it, just use it to help you find the module if you don’t already know how.

The module in the video is a 3G module. The copper colored connector right above where it says J6 is for the cellular antenna. A 3G module only has 1 antenna. A 4G LTE module has 2 antennas.

If you have 2 antennas then you’re good to go. If you have 1 antenna then you have a 3G module and you need to upgrade to 4G LTE to use the panel. In that case we need to know what firmware version your panel has. Here’s a video to help find that.

If you have version 1.19 then you can install a 4G LTE module as is. If it’s less than 1.19 then you have to update the firmware with a USB cable before you can install the LTE module. Or, if you’re still being monitored by Protection 1 then they might update it over the air for you if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:

Here’s where to get the 4G LTE module. The USB firmware update cable is optional. Only get it if you need it.

Let us know what questions you have!

I have a Protection1 2gig GC2 with Surety monitoring. All you have to do is swap the cell. And you might not even need to do that if the old owner has already had P1 disconnect it. However depending on the age of the unit, it might be necessary to do a firmware upgrade, and swap the cell for a LTE.

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Hello Roy,
Attached is a picture of my 2GIG controller by Intertek. Maybe you can tell if I have 4g and am good to go for Surity. My firmware version is 1.10.


Roger V Nelson

I believe u have a 3g or CDMA communicator so ur panel will most likely need to be updated and u will need a new communicator

That is a 3G module. The easiest way to tell between 3G and 4G modules is that 4G will have two of those antenna rather than one.

To support a 4G module, the panel firmware must be at least 1.19. This kit in our store would provide everything needed to get started!