Converting AT&T Digital life?

I am currently a AT&T Digital life customer and I am considering moving to another service. I was wondering if your systems could use the existing Digital life wirless door, glass break,motion, and cameras.

I don’t know of anyone using AT&T Digital Life security sensors with another control panel but based on their user manual it looks like they transmit in the 433 MHz band which is the same frequency as DSC wireless sensors. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are compatible with DSC control panels but if they’re compatible with anything DSC would probably be it. It means they’re definitely not compatible with Honeywell, 2GIG, GE/Interlogix, or Qolsys control panels because those systems don’t receive 433 MHz alarm signals. is compatible with several DSC systems such as the Impassa, PowerSeries Neo and DSC Touch. We don’t sell that equipment and it would be up to you to find out whether your Digital Life security sensors would work with a DSC control panel. If you find out, please follow up and let us know. If you can get them working with an compatible control panel such as one of these DSC models then suretyDIY can monitor your system.