Converting an old 2gig Vivint panel?

What is the procedure converting an older Vivint panel to another provider. This is a 2gig panel with firmware 1.9.4. I am aware that the cell communicator has to be changed and the firmware updated . Is there any additional factors ?

You’ve basically got it. You’ll need to know either the master user code or the installer code to run the cell test in settings which is one of the activation steps.

Is that firmware 1.9.4 or 1.19.4? 1.9.4 would be very old and needs updated.

Instructions to update and swap the cell module are found on the getting started kit page here:

That kit contains the necessary cell module and optionally the firmware update cable.

Firmware links are also on that page.

Hi The firmware is 1.9.4 . I can not use the update cable for updating, since I have a MAC based computer which will not work with the download . I will have to invest in the update tool . Is the communication model 4gLTE At&t has shut down all of there 3g in Alaska .

Yes they are 4G LTE modules.

3G support has been sunset by both Verizon and AT&T.

Sorry the firmware is 1.9.6 not 1.9.4 I stand corrected