Controlling basement light via ADC

I have a basement that only has access from the outside of my home. I currently have an alarm sensor on the door, a zwave lock on the door and a zwave light switch controlling the lights.

I currently have the lights turning on when the door is opened.

I had the lights set to turn off when the door is closed which wasnt a solution as it turned off the lights right behind me as I closed the door. I currently have a scene set up to lock and turn off but that seems like an extra step.

Is there any other way to simplify this?

Is there any other way to simplify this?

I think you likely are using the best option in terms of turning the light out when you need to.

Automating turning a light out is harder than turning on. You can set a timer, but routines are never the same and you don’t want it to turn off on you while you are in there.

I would recommend a scene to turn it off, like you already have set up, or just a switch on the way out. A scene lets you do multiple things with one action.

Thank you Jason. Always appreciate your input.

The only other thing I was thinking would be to maybe put a motion detector in there and have the light turn off if it detected no motion after x time. Thats assuming ADC could perform such a task.

No, that’s not an option in, but mostly because wireless security motion detectors are not occupancy sensors. They are designed to precisely detect unexpected motion. They are not designed for continuous motion and the concept is at odds with the way motions work in activity monitoring, with the hour delay where they show activated.