Controling my Garage via

I have a Liftmaster garage door liftmaster professional 1/3hp. I want to connect it to my system. Can I use to do that?

If you have a Liftmaster garage door opener, it is very likely that you will be able to use that device. We also sell the 828LM Gateway and the 888LM Control Panel on our store.

Do you have a specific model number for your garage door? Without knowing that, we’re not able to say definitely.

Speaking from a customer standpoint, I can tell you that they made the control panel pretty universal. According to Liftmaster, it works with any Liftmaster opener manufactured after 1998. I have a Chamberlain which was manufactured in 2004 or so I think, and it quite literally took me all of 15 minutes to swap out the controller. The hardest part was getting the ladder to get up and unplug the opener from the outlet on the garage ceiling. After that, it was a couple of minutes to switch 2 wires from the old panel to the new, and plug the thing back in. As long as your opener isn’t older than 1998, you should be fine.

Can not find model # but Part# is 41A5483-1C, the date of the model I have looks like says year as 2005.

I checked and there is no MyQ symbol on the opener, I will go ahead order both 828LM Gateway and the 888LM Control Panel and then connect.

I found a video on youtube which could help other members, like Moebius said it looks pretty straight fwd.

It really was that easy for me.

One tip on the gateway: Depending on how far your router is from the control panel, you may have trouble pairing them. I had a case where the blue light on the gateway would flicker for a second when it was trying to pair but wouldn’t stay solid (my office isn’t too far from the garage, but I have a ton of equipment and I think it was causing interference). I moved the gateway closer to the garage and it paired right up.