Control Zwave lights from Switch

So I read about how you can wire a dw10 sensor to a standard light switch and this will allow you to trigger on/off for the zwave light/outlet.

So I added the sensor in per the guide, added the rule to ADC and I can turn On the outlets, but I can’t turn them off.

In troubleshooting, I turned on the voice descriptor for the sensor on the panel and I’ll get the voice descriptor to call the sensor name only when I flip the switch to on. I would figure it would chime again on open right?

Also for my own sanity, sensor closed is when the magnet is in contact or the wired circuit is together correct?

Yes, sensor closed is when the wired circuit is together. If you turn on the voice chime you would normally only hear it when the sensor opens, not when it closes.

You would need to have sensor activity monitoring enabled for that sensor in order to use it to trigger an rule.

Thanks Ryan! I must have missed that part reading the instructions. I’ll go turn on activity monitoring for that sensor.

Ok. So I got it to work, but I had to create 2 rules.

One rule for the sensor open to turn the outlets off and another rule to turn the outlets on when the sensor is closed.

If I create a single rule to turn off when the sensor is open and turn on when the sensor closes, the outlets turn off on open, but on close, they stay off.

Either way I got it to work I just figured I could get it to work in one rule.

You should be able to do it in 1 rule. I’m glad you got it working with 2 but we’ll submit a report that you were having trouble getting it to work in a single rule. You’re not the first to have reported that so hopefully we can get that resolved.

ADC Off Before On


Thanks Ryan. It’s not a big deal that I had to do it in 2, but based on what you can set in ADC, it should be able to be handled in 1.